YouTube Channels

Are you looking for some exciting channels to follow about styling your hair according to the latest trends? Look no further because David Levi has got you covered with the latest channels that will inspire you to visit your nearest hair salon.

Alex Gaboury –

This streamer hosts his show from Ontario, Canada. Alex is also a blogger who delves into areas of fashion, beauty and sharing his outdoor experiences with the world. Subscribers to this channel will find everything from DIY hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, lifestyle vlogs, and many other DIY.

Cameron Cretney –

Cretney is based in Ottawa, Canada, and she covers a range of interesting topics, including haircuts, tutorials, haircuts, product reviews, and much more. Cameron has won a huge following of young people who are inspired by her streams.

Natalie Woods Hairstyles –

This blogger, vlogger, and influencer is based in the United States. Her channel focuses on cute and easy hairstyles for long hair. She also talks about different hairstyles for every occasion and how listeners can master some easy hairstyles that celebrities often flaunt on the red carpet.

Abby Smith

This channel is arguable one of the happiest places around to find the best hairstyle tutorials! Abby is from the US and is also the best-selling author of The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook. Her next instalment, The New Braiding Handbook, will be out online and in bookstores soon. Furthermore, Abby is a talented beauty writer for Disney, and she loves to empower women of all ages by making them feel more confident and comfortable with their hair.

Lilith Moon: Easy Hairstyles for Medium & Long Hair

Based in Paris, Lilith specializes in hair tutorials for medium and long hair. She has a range of easy hairstyles, makeup, beauty, and fashion tips to help listeners. She posts new videos every week! She loves to share her experience in hair and beauty with women of all ages who want to achieve a salon-like look at home. This can save followers time and money.

Find more great channels like these to follow online. Listen to the experts to style your hair safely on your own time.